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My whole body is aching bad and I am feeling awfully drowsy from today's team lunch. (Not that I'm usually awake at work :p) Buffet again at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center. Something more today though... A CAKE (& a card)! My gawd.. A farewell celebration for me as this is my last official week at work. So sweet. :) For some reason, I've always been teased around by my bosses and colleagues. I guess it's because I don't talk much?? :x But all that's fun, so it's okay.

I have a 2-page project specifications to finish by tomorrow. Darn, I forgot about it ever since I got home on Friday. Haha! It's for revamping the Innovolt website to Generation 3. 2nd meeting on Thursday with people from ObjectNet. It's a pity I couldn't stay to see this project gets completed. It'll be a great experience to further boost my resume. ;) Grr, they could have started this earlier though. :( But at least during the time I'm here in Atlanta, I will be "assisting" with the project as needed. Don't know what that means exactly. :\

The info site that I wanted to do is ~80-85% completed. Putting them into html then getting them approved by the technical people (that's basically just Dr. Divan). Looking great so far, personally. The proofing part is usually the worst part. >< Some people just prefer something else that is not your style.

We'll see how things go.

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