Uploading 2-3/5

  • Whee~ finally finished the Gen. 3 project specifications tho a day late.. more like a draft I would say, but meh, that's the best I can do for now. =p Will see what's next on Thurs. =(

  • Info site status: still on hold. I put the text into a word doc today so the prof could edit over it. Stupid me didn't think of that before. Mmm.. 不够完善。

  • Website edits: 1) Video link still needs to be updated on 26 other pages. Plus I need to add a fullscreen option. 2) Job openings changed. More interns. No more NPI. Add technician. 3) Create a form that allows customers to submit information for product registration.

  • Many other things that I will not have the time to do. I should at least finish my operations manual so I could hand down the trivial tasks to Alyssa.

  • I just want to do as much as I can. For my own sake.

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