Chibi's Road Trip

Beginning Friday afternoon, my sister, tim and I took Chibi out on a long journey to Pittsburgh. It was Chibi's first road trip! Whenever she was forced out of the house (like to the vet) she would cry very loudly. That day was no exception.

We got her a disposable litter tray and couple of canned food (she loves those with gravy) but she just wouldn't eat or use the tray! She was so stressed up that she kept shedding. :( Poor Chibi...you could tell that she was really scared, she didn't dared to come out of her crate.

Then, she got slightly better and was able to sleep on the couch instead. But the timid baby was so shy that she quickly hid under the seat and buried her head like an ostrich, when she saw the person serving us at the drive-thru. Such a kawaii little baby~~ <3

Finally, after near 15 hours of driving, we arrived in Pittsburgh and here is Chibi's and my new home!

The room is still in a mess, I haven't unpacked all my boxes. But check out the new pink chair, new red trash can (left pic), and the new shower curtain (right pic) from Ikea! Chibi's litter tray is new too, from Petsmart!

Here's where I placed my bed. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the screws I took out from my bed frame, so my fulton is laid on the floor for the time being. Chibi's corner is right beside it, but of course, Chibi roams around and sleeps anywhere (hopefully under my blanket in the winter :P)! Right now, Chibi is sleeping right in front of my keyboard. One word: cute!

Chibi has fully adjusted to the new environment. She is no longer afraid of this new place and furthermore, she's become a sweet sweet baby, constantly asking for pats now! I love how she rubs her face against me. So adorable :D

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