UWC students protest for world peace (2000)

Apparently, gmail has a spam filter. But perhaps gmail believes that most junk mails are not "junk" afterall, so they all got directed to my Inbox, hoping would be of some help to me. Nevertheless, after a very serious consideration, I found 98% of them useless and redirected all those to the spam folder.
Well obviously, this post is not going to be about junk mails or gmail's filtering capabilities because out of the 2% of the "good" emails, there is a facebook notice saying that someone posted a photo of ME, and it was a photo that "[I] thought/hoped [I]'d never see again" - ms. palmer, an old friend of mine back in the early UWC days. Out of curiosity, I went to check it out. Guess what I found? Hehe, some good old memories. :)

Funny factor: *****

As some of your may know, UWC (United World College) has always been a strong advocator of peace (and environmentalism and blah blah blah). And as members of the genuine college community, we too served wholeheartedly to spread the idea - a demonstration for PEACE right in the school grounds.
umm "Where's ME" :D

Realistic factor: *****

You see, people lose their hands, legs and eyes (even their lives) because of war. So poor thing! We CANNOT let that happen.
lol I must commend Sangjin for his superior acts. He really looked like he had a missing arm and bloody face in this picture.

So that was all for the peace demonstration. Alas, here's the photo that I HOPED I'D NEVER SEE AGAIN:

Ugly factor: *****

Nooooo!! Is that MEEE? Wat de hell was I doin!? Looking so blur, stupid and sleepy. :( And I had such weird looking hairdo... :'(
*panics* Now I must look at myself in mirror for 10 minutes everyday to make sure I am at least presentable. *determined*

There are more UWC photos available at ms. palmer's "The photos you thought/hoped youd never see again..." (++ a cute picture of mini palmer!!) Ex-UWCSEA-FIBs should definitely have a look. Very reminiscing...you may even spot yourself!

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