It's Fall 2006...

So the new semester has started yesterday. Sigh-- it will be a busy one for me. Top-most priority, I need to get into SIFE ASAP so I can graduate!!

My new place still needs a lot of unpacking done, but I always procrastinate. I guess that is the only thing that I prioritize it lower than school work/studying - cleaning. And I kinda dread having to take the bus to school...always afraid that I might be late.

Well, my room is fine...I like it quite a lot, but I have a weird neighbor right opposite me. The door is always open (except late night/early morning) and there's this smoked cigarettes smell coming out of the apt. Occassionally you hear a guy coughing but you never get to see who's in there. All you see is a room full of junk and a rather fat cat lying around, as if guarding the door. Feels really freaky. Tim joked that it could be someone like Kramer. lol On the other hand, there is a 5th year archi staying on the same floor as I. Good to know that at least there is someone from CMU right where I am.

I met Akiko yesterday. She seemed fine. She claimed that she's going to work hard this semester. But then, that's what we both said last semester when we took Econ Theory together. hehe but the process didn't go too well. Saw Kenneth this noon. Finally not an archi anymore. I think he's going for business. We didn't stop to talk coz I was on the phone with mr. goh. Too bad. I hope we meet soon again.

Wenchun (Emma) msged me this morning and linked me her new blog! I suppose it's new coz it looked different from the old one. So here it is: 0110101011000110111

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