My 1st steps in Europe - Part I: Vienna/Wien

This summer I was very lucky to be able to go on a trip to Europe (Austria/Germany) with my eldest sister and brother-in-law! Hehe I should really thank Singapore for the dumb policy of not letting me extend my stay there.
So we flew to Vienna the night before Singapore's national day, stayed for 3 days, then flew to Munich for the weekend, and went to Kitzbuhel for the next week, where my sister was in for a Client Leadership Workshop (CLW).

Vienna [8/9-8/11]

The afternoon after arriving in Vienna...

we ate lunch at Leupold (look beside the horse carriages passing by); typical Austrian cuisine: Old Viennese Pot au feu (beef broth with veggies) + Hungarian Goulash (beef stew); that was a LOT of meat :\

checked out the city center

saw statues of REAL people and many more along the street

Dinner at...

a fine Italian restaurant

pizza + pasta with CAMPARI SODA *yucks* VERY bitter, had to drink it with tobasco and lemon on the side XP

The next day...

we came to the ancient palace of Austria

with a huge imperial garden!

and a very grand view atop the hill

also has an imperial zoo and a maze/labyrinth surrounding the garden

with little adventures to play with

e.g. kaleidoscope

e.g. this box thing that allows you to talk to ppl outside

e.g. a playful step that spurts water onto your feet!

e.g. bouncy steps that make you lose balance

e.g. musical steps

e.g. water "rocking-pump"

e.g. a mathematical teaser

e.g. and something to climb on :P

Then we went to Danube River...

for a cruise that was over 2 hours long

because we had to wait for water to fill up to a certain level before we could be released through the dam :(


took the tram

went to the parliament

came to the MOMUK museum @Museumsquatier

they had very interesting seats outside

next is the Albertina museum, celebrating Mozart's 250th birthday this year

went to the Gasometer City to "shop" (there was literally nothing there) but got an architectural treat instead :)

In the night...

I had Tafelspitz (steak that "melts" in your mouth) for dinner with Austrian white wine

then a Mozart orchestra (since it was his 250th bday) to end the night; the musicians even dressed up like in the old days for a bit more Mozart atmosphere

To be continued if I'm not this lazy and if I still remember things hehe.

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