Jobs searching III

GAWD! Erjie just pointed out a super 大蛋白 thing on my resume.. I mistakenly wrote $880 (half-month pay) as my FULL monthly salary instead of $1760!!! T_T.. Sobssss. That's a huuuuge difference! In SGD, the rightful amount is $2.5k+!! Not $1.2k+!! AHHHHH~~ And I've already sent out 30 over applications with the stupid wrong info. =(((((( Hope it didn't impose a fatal impression on my app. Haizzz.


  1. heh, xg was asking why you need to put that on the resume. said that was something you should be putting on the application form, if asked.

  2. hehe cos most job postings ask for that. so might as well beh.