Volunteering heat

"Inspired" by my sister and brother-in-law..

I decided to squeeze part of my precious idling time to do some volunteer work! *applause* ^____________________^)v

Just signed up with TOUCH's TCD (TOUCH Character Development) and Singapore Youth Olympics 2010. Figured it'll be more fun volunteering behind-the-scenes, developing/promoting programs for the children/youths, than what I used to do in high school. :p

Hee.. I also signed up for xx. ♥ (P.S. SEE, I got mention you! :D)

And.. I'm also developing an interest in green-earth programs (eg. CGS) and general youth networks (eg. Youth.sg).

I wonder how long I can keep up with this degree of self-awareness.. :p

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  1. heh, went for this workshop that teaches you how to write your "teaching philosophy" yesterday (baozi was in the class with me...). talks about "belief", "intent" and "action".
    i find that majority of younger ppl stay on "action", as they mature, they have more "intent", only when they sit back to reflect do they have "belief". i like to think i'm lazy. rather than working backwards, i mostly just sit back and reflect until i find my "belief", then i seek out the "intent" and carry out the "action".
    for e.g., i believe that if you do your part in fulfilling your role, other people will do theirs. and the end result would be sometimes you take a hit doing extra things for some but there will also be others who help you along the way. tradeoff is, there are some days when i'm too tired to work but force myself to because of my belief. tradeoff is, sometimes i think i did my part but where is the someone who was supposed to pull me along?