Still no jobs yet. So I spent some time ironing out my website/portfolio and surfing a little online hoping to find some freelancing opportunities! :p Moved to a free host, but *a-hem* apparently the server has been down since yesterday. Can't complain too much since it's totally money free and ads free too!

I've been home myself for the most time this week, but not much progress on the actual job search. Heh that's bad news. Everyday just go by so quickly. Studying in Singapore is not that cheap afterall for non-citizens. Getting a job is my only choice now, but a tough one. *Fingers pointing @relief teaching* Sigh. I started the application sometime ago, but was interrupted to do something else. Then it completely slipped my mind. Not sure if I saved my app last time. :\

Just got a call, think Tue, from TOUCH replying to my volunteering app. I hope they can find something for me to do in the meantime. Cuts down the nagging. :p

♥ Found this cat that looks just like my chibi! Hehe the size kinda fits too!

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