Jobs searching IV

I can't believe this is how people here work. I called the office twice today but nobody answered. Sent an email but got no replies. Least I expect a polite reply to turn down my application. I guess it's because they don't really care whether one more candidate showed up for an interview or not. So an email just comes in, throwing in a date, time, and location, asking people to come in the NEXT day for an interview. At least with such a SHORT notice, I would appreciate a phone call to make sure the person got the message! Can't assume I would check my emails few times a day, and not like I know when the recruiters are emailing back to me. Sigh.


I just lost an interview! :'( I received an email on Tue (11/4) to come for an interview on Wed (11/5). But I only checked my emails today (11/6)!! HOW!?

Plus, it's a marcom position.. AHHHHH HELPPP!

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  1. poor kid! why don't you still go down with your resume and stuff? then just explain to them the situation and see if you can still get an interview. if it's not a very organized company, they might not mind.