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So Cellcity finally called back on Mon and arranged another meeting with me for Tue. Later that day, I got a call from Home Nursing Foundation for an interview on the same day! Wee~ I think the interviews went okay. At least they were more interested in my application than Photonitech, and even took the time to explain/show what they do and who they need.

Cellcity is a growing small mobile communications company. Neat idea to compile a one-stop Singapore living/lifestyle/city guide for the mobile generation. Well now, they are looking for a web marketing person to help them manage web activities and promotions more effectively. Very much like the things I did back in Innovolt. The lady was very nice. She's the Director for the Asia Marketing dept. Told me a lot about their future business developments and business models. Hehe, she's also good at marketing her product to her interviewee. Let me tested the city guide on her cellphone. Quite a diversity, I believe, among the employees in the office.

It was quite an interesting first interaction with charitable organizations and much contrast to the previous job description. More hands-on, and more events planning and marketing. I've never given much thought about going into this industry. But it doesn't sound like an easy job to do, like getting sponsorships, might even be tougher than selling a commercial product. I guess the lady understood that I'm a fresh grad and still looking out for options/alternatives. She gave me a pretty good idea of VWO's job nature. "So.. why Home Nursing Foundation and not other VWOs?"

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  1. haa!! so very you to react like that in the 2nd interview. geez, should think a little bit about the company you're interviewing with...you've never watch a movie about a similar role? plenty out there. hee.
    been writing recently. trying to get my research interest out so i can apply to faculty positions. hee, remember the teaching philosophy workshop i went for last time? i read through the 1 sample i wrote when i was pregnant. quite decent. went to the dept that organized the workshop just now to try to get feedback on that teaching philosophy. hee, the lady was happy saying this must be my 4th or 5th revision. but knowing me, i don't read what i wrote more than twice. after all the nasty bs on writing from thesis committee, at least i know there are ppl who can understand what i'm trying to say.

    listening to SHE now. some compilation. quite cool.